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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday October 1, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. Celebrity voices impersonated.

  • China admits Three Gorges is bad. Does it even matter at this point? The thing is built, and it’s generating the power they needed it to generate. They can’t take it down or all hell will break loose downriver. There are two types of people (outside of China) when it comes to this project: the types who would never approve of this thing and those who would never approve of anything China does. Both of them were right and should get in a good dose of “I told you so,” but like I said, it just doesn’t matter now. Does anyone else think this is a PR move by China? Distance ourselves only now that there’s no other solution than to keep it operating. (Daily Source)
  • The Rush Resolution. Rush is a giant douche. What he said about “the troops” (you know, that group of people who have become more politicized in recent years than “the fetuses”) is just stupid. Obviously, he was either trying to set himself up as a foil for his Republican buddies or he is a total asshole. Or both. BUT, to introduce legislation condemning something someone said, when their rights to say such things are clear, is just a small step toward speech control. Who’s introducing this legislation, anyway? OK, this is funny. (Think Progress X 2)
  • Payday loan rates capped. They should just be capped in the total street meaning of the word. Payday loans are a horrendous practice. As a former banker, I have seen way too many people stuck in a situation they can not get themselves out of due to the desperation that comes with getting one of these loans. The business was so sketchy we were not allowed to open accounts for the companies providing them without very senior approval. To cap the rates at 36%, while a nice gesture by the government, does not come close to even noticing the problem they create. I heard an ad today that was hyping the fact that the rates were lowered, therefore this particular loan company (Dollar Loan Center, yes, the company with the borderline racist commercials) was positioned to better serve you than ever before. It’s incredibly sad that more and more of these are popping up. To top it off, banks have gotten into the business themselves. Actually, they did long before I left six years ago. (NPR)
  • Jesus hates Rudy. I guess Rudy’s stance on being cool with abortion in one respect or another makes him the ultimate bad candidate. Fine. Speaking as someone who is registered as a Republican, can’t stand the hijacking of the party, and really takes no particular stance on abortion, I say good freaking riddance. I have a great idea—start your own damn party. Let’s see what happens then. Either you’ll forever be marginalized to the point of irrelevance or you’ll rule God’s Nation. I’m willing to take the chance. (The Daily Dish, Politico, The Huffington Post)
  • Run McDonalds. I will be trying this again. The first time I played I lasted somewhere int eh neighborhood of 15 seconds. I was hemorrhaging cash because I didn’t plant soy fast enough. It wasn’t as easy as SimCity 2000, which was the last game I played that looks like this. Maybe my kids can do better. (BoingBoing)
  • Steroids help you hit jacks. No way. Who would have thought? Can the people screaming about hitting a round ball with a round bat STFU already? Steroids = cheating. No matter who is using them. Oh, and I didn’t need this study to know that. (Wired)
  • Bonds ball to get an asterisk. We brought you this in another Reactionary Hurl a while back, and now the votes are in. That’s what happens when the people voting care as much about the game as Barry Bonds does. It’s a shame that the ball, which made history, is going to be defaced like that. Sure, Barry defaced the game, but baseball is filled with pretty ugly history. Let it be and learn from it. Don’t further the embarrassment. (ESPN)
  • Book re-imagines environmentalism. This one is definitely worth a look. These dudes are basically saying that environmentalists need to grow up and stop being whiny Negative Nellies: “Rather than being leaders in solving the global climate crisis, they are content to be doomsayers and scolds.” The authors are sure to be ostracized until 50 years from now when everyone recognizes them as geniuses—after they’re dead and right about when it’s too late. Oh well, I did my part today. (Wired via Fark)
  • Boba Fett hoodie. The boy will want this one, for sure. I think Boba Fett was a sucky character. (Boing Boing)
  • Xterra USA Championships. What a fantastic event. I got the chance to hang out with the media people yesterday and take some photos of the race at key points along the course. It was a total treat. Over a mile swim, 20 miles on the bike, then a 10k run make this a true test to athletic ability. I also ran into this dude who is an on-course camera guy. He had a lipstick cam attached to his handlebars and followed the leaders along the Flume Trail and then as the began their descent into Incline. Look for the race on TV in a few months. It’s an excellent showcase for Incline Village as a total adventure destination. (Me!)

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