The recliner thing is totally funny

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday November 2, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. Remember when the Hurl was long and useful? Neither do I.

  • Dean search down to finalists. The Reynolds School of Journalism has narrowed their search to replace Cole Campbell down to three candidates. I’ll refrain from any further comment because I don’t know anything about the school, or journalism, for that matter. (RGJ)
  • Anti-aging doc acquitted. I have to say, from what I’ve read about steroids and the drugs that athletes take to improve performance, HGH is totally the wonder drug. If I was a casino exec or First Lady, I’d be trying to get my hands on the stuff too. It’s the fountain of youth, burns fat, increases lean muscle, and is undetectable by urine tests (which I imagine are part of the First Lady’s job requirements). I wonder of the good doc has any openings on my next day off. I’m shorter than I think I should be and feeling a little tired lately. (RGJ)
  • Barry doesn’t think asterisks are cool. Speaking of HGH, Barry Bonds says he’ll boycott the Hall of Game if they allow that baseball to go in with an asterisk. I understand where he’s coming from. What, is he supposed to go to the Hall and stand around like everyone else? Get that man a recliner (preferably in a place where he can’t be bother by things like the media and people) so we can be blessed in Cooperstown by the all-powerful Barroid. Seriously, do that. (ESPN)
  • That stupid ball from the World Series has gone missing again. Did you see what I did there? HGH >> Barroid >> Baseball. In my humble (see: Self Importance meter) opinion, it was brilliant. Remember in 2004, when the Red Sox ended 86 years of futility with a throw over to first base? Doug Mientkiewicz caught that ball and when the team asked for it he told them to F themselves. This year the Series ended on a strikeout and the catcher says he gave the ball to the pitcher who says he has no idea what anyone is talking about, just let him dance in peace. So we seem to be in for another fight over a ball that really carries so little significance. It’s not like there aren’t 65 other balls from that game alone. Just pretend already. Or have Tommy Lasorda bless another ball and call it official, create a certificate of authenticity, and put it in the Hall so the rest of us can laugh when Jason Varitek claims he has it in 40 years. (Deadspin)

And just to be clear, please read the initial Reactionary Hurl so you can understand the context.

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