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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 21, 2007.

Another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series in which I take the easy road to blogging and react to news in short, opinionated, useless snippets. I like easy. Where do I even begin today?

  • Joey Gilbert is fighting again?. Who knew? I guess somebody knew. I heard he served breakfast at Sonic the other day. Yeah, I don’t know either. The thing I can’t figure out is where he’s going with his career. The dude is not young (in boxing terms). He isn’t really hitting the national scene. I mean, he still is fighting in his hometown, promoting his own fights, and attempting to win titles from boxing organizations nobody has ever heard of. Good luck, and all that, but the topper for me is that boxing is horrendous. I hate that macho physical dominance shit. (RGJ)
  • A move on alternative energy. Weethump put together some information on what Harry Reid is doing to simultaneously stop the building of coal plants near Ely and promote the use of alternative energy both in Nevada and nationwide. It’s a noble goal. I chatted once with Rick Spilsbury of No Shoot Foot to get his more expert take on why coal is bad (he’s an electrical engineer) and how he can justify his position on the issue as a member of the Western Shoshone (he’s against coal, but would be cool with solar panels lining the desert). Nothing seems to be good about this coal project out there other than the money that somebody will make. It remains to be seen what will ultimately go down, but I tend to side with these guys. (Weethump)
  • Court ruling requires interpreter. This is sure to have Chuck Muth and the rest of the Rightoberfest lackeys all fired up. Look for clíches like “stuck on stupid” and the old favorite “this is America” to be planted in the comments by Chuck’s brother or whoever leaves all those at a Conservablogâ„¢ near you real soon. Now, I happen to be of the mind that our founding fathers did not pick a national language at the beginning because they didn’t think there would really be a problem. Or maybe nobody had official languages then. I just haven’t cared much about the issue enough to really look into it. But this does show that without one, we’re just open to potential budget problems on a local level. I guess that’s the thing that I don’t see addressed too often. You might think it’s incredibly xenophobic to have a language adopted now, but how then do we address the issue of how to pay for all this? The way the legal system seems to operate, I can see this becoming a problem sometime. (RGJ)
  • is getting recognition. This is great news. The amount of work that went into that site was astounding. People put some incredible brain power into the ideas there, and it was truly a one-of-a-kind operation. Let’s win something. (Our Tahoe)
  • Wolfy gets credit for being first. Seriously, how many chaps jokes can people make without making everyone gag. My thoughts on Street Vibes? See the bullet about boxing above. (Twitter)
  • Enjoy the cellar battery chuckers. So Barry is toast in San Fran. I find it funny that he’s actually going to continue playing. Anyone who has seem the dude in person this season has to recognize he just can’t run anymore. My favorite part of the article: “My quest for a World Series ring continues.” I believe that. Really, I do. I mean, simply substitute “a World Series ring” for “3,000 hits” and you’ve got a factual statement. Barry just likes to speak in code. (ESPN)
  • NBC is dumb. I rarely get involved in this media company vs. the internet thing, but this one is stupid. Here’s my story. I loved (love) Heroes. I missed several early episodes then watched it religiously every week. We missed a couple, but all that did was cause us to go to iTunes, download the episode from the night before, and set up to watch on the computer right there. It actually got me to seriously consider buying an Apple TV (which of course is why Apple wants to offer TV shows on iTunes, the horror). But I went directly to iTunes, bought three shows, which made NBC some amount of money, and watched. For them to take that option away is sooooooo stupid. Yes, they’ll be offering them for free online (but not for me, a Mac user). ABC does that. But ABC also has their shows on iTunes. I can go to either place. Exactly how people like it, right? (Daring Fireball)
  • Here’s a decent question. The easy answer, of course, is “nothing.” But that can’t be the only answer, can it? Until this past week, They New York Times had some paying online customers—they just didn’t get enough people to buy their stuff to keep it going. So I’m curious whether anyone here would be willing to pay their newspaper for online content. (MediaShift)
  • Dammit. Seriously, I was going to start a new series that captured an even easier blogger’s tool soon: the Open Thread. But now it would just look like I was singling people out, and I’m not. Heck, at least that open thread actually has comments, which makes it infinitely more interesting than just about every single other one this side of Dodger Thoughts. (Seriously, this is no dig, Myrna. I do this in total fun. Really.) (Reno and Its Discontents)
  • Funny or sad, you decide. There’s no link here because “Big Starlet” removed it. That’s what begs that question. So, she writes some post that mentions that fun brouhaha last year after the RN&R article on blogging came out. In that post, she says that I was mad because I wasn’t chosen the “Best Blogger” in another unrelated article (the Best of one), which not only isn’t true, but was an entirely new assertion by the Cobb Gobbler’s girlfriend to boot. I only found out about it because she (or someone she knows) kept banging on my site from that article’s page (same IP address every time). So I had to see what was happening. I read it, laughed, and left a comment telling her that while I appreciate her acknowledging that her boyfriend, the Cobb Gobbler, was a fraud and an asshole, she certainly didn’t fail to learn his tricks. I also suggested that she simply read her own link to disprove her current bullshit. So, she deletes the comment, then posts a now removed whine session about how mean I am for having the audacity to point out that she’s either not paying attention to herself or flat out making stuff up. So both my comment and the subsequent post about my comment have been tossed down the memory hole. I get that it’s her site and all that excusey crap people tend to break out when someone starts feeling guilty about who they are, but this one affected me, so I feel the need to post it. That also raises to four people in this area alone that have removed posts that embarrass themselves. Cowards. Also, a question. Which is more likely to be the ingrate? The person who points out a flaw, or the person who repeatedly demonstrates that flaw? (Big Starlet)

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