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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday September 12, 2007.

Muchas gracias to wolfy for suggesting a slight format change, so in this installment of Reactionary Hurl I’ll follow his suggestion. I’m new to this whole not thinking about a post all that much thing, so bear with me. I might overthink it.

  • No fewer than six aircraft? Is it really possible that so many people have crashed and never been found in Nevada? Bring provisions, seriously, because it’s looking like getting found is like the lottery. (NPR)
  • Live like Martha. No thanks. My only question is whether they’d call the house “Big.” You know, Big House. Forget it. (Kottke)
  • The Raiders end the ineptitude. Now that they’ve signed the #1 overall pick, I think all of us who consider ourselves Raider fans can safely say the following: Don’t even play the games, the Raiders are the Super Bowl Champs, baby!1 (RGJ)
  • Gabrielle hits land. Cool. The only thing that photo does is reinforce to me that my lifelong dream of standing in the middle of a massive storm like that is not only attainable, but not all that dangerous. Okay, I just thought of it on Sunday. Also, I keep hearing it pronounced like the guy name, not the girl name (how it’s spelled). Which is it? (The Daily Green)
  • I’m Matt Mullenweg. Which sucks. I hate Wordpress. (Kenzer)
  • Be smart with your scrilla. Does this consist of informing fools that the plastic spinning rims can be bought at Auto Zone for, like, $20 and your grill does not have to consist of real ice? (Huffington Post)
  • While we’re on the topic of hip hoppish things, I must point out that I straight up love this commercial. Especially the dancing teacher. And to show my support, I went and picked me up one of those burgers yesterday. Not bad. And I never once earned a butt-minus. (The YouTubes)
  • Did David LaPlante get all uppity in Oaktown? I sure hope twitterz are not off limits on blogs and whatever, like emails are. Wait, he posts his every day. Anyway, careful, Dave, I might have my über rich boy Jamarcus Russell set you straight if you disrespect security in his town again.2 (Twitter)
  • A hoax, eh. Damn, that place is right across the street from my office, and I was looking forward to non-stop Blue Jays replays and football where you get a point for missing a field goal or something. And that other “sport” nobody cares aboot. No, not soccer, the Canadian one. Stupid hoaxes. (Around Carson)
  • By the way, Around Carson is a phenomenal site. I have always appreciated it, but never like I do now. Also, the top story on bears made me remember that I really wanted to talk about the budget issue the state is having because of bears. I don’t have anything to say other than this is what happens when you meddle.3 (Tag team: Around Carson & RGJ)
  • If you read nothing else that matters to me at this moment today, read the second bullet of this post. While I hadn’t concerned myself too much with the leftover guys who were kicked out of those communities before, the article in the Times was decent for its length. And the media barrage we’ve seen surrounding the Jeffs trial has been pretty informative. If I’d read Under the Banner of Heaven knowing the trial was coming up, I would have thought considerably more about Jeffs at the time. He does look like a scrawny punkass though, doesn’t he? (Reno and Its Discontents)

Please oh please oh please let EO read this site again.4

My GOD I love the footnote feature. AND BOLD.

1 Could they even beat Jamarcus’ college team right now?

2 I know it wasn’t really Dave who got uppity. At least I think I know that.

3 Try to remember this is a Reactionary Hurl post. The point is to not have to think about it. This is supposed to be easy.

4 Vanity Google alert to hit his inbox in 3…2…1

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