Remember when Scott Boras was a good guy?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday February 22, 2008.

It’s another installment of the Reactionary Hurl, the series that makes useless comments about things you may or may not care one lick about. You are encouraged implored to take part by commenting, sending us tips, and spreading the word. I love a good Hurl on Thursday night. Back in college, which admittedly took me in the neighborhood of twenty years, Thursday was the best time. We went to 5th and Washington to this cool old house that was right where that dry cleaning joint is now and we drank lots of beer. That place threw sick St. Patty’s Day bashes, too. There were plenty of hurls back then, but now I’m reduced to Hurling. And talking about steroids. At least I have a good time with both. And I never eat, ate, or shall eat raw chicken. Ever. And that’s the truth. On to business.

  • Reno doctor to discuss human growth hormone. When I saw that headline I said to myself, “There’s no way it could be…wait…oh my God it is.” James Forsythe is speaking (spoke?, I sure hope not) at Temple Emanu-El on Manzanita and Lakeside “Thursday at 7 pm.” No idea which “Thursday at 7 pm” it is because the article appeared on Thursday at 7:21 pm in my Google Reader and gave no date. For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Forsythe is the guy who was indicted in 2006 for allegedly giving growth hormone to prominent local citizens and was subsequently cleared of charges last year. It ought to be really interesting to hear what he learned through his “research.” (RGJ)
  • Love this poll on Freakonomics. The guys asked for suggestions on a six word motto for the US and are soliciting votes in the comments. I voted for #4. Anything that bashes Canada (or Sparks) is awesome. (Freakonomics)
  • Sometimes even Deadspin looks at things seriously. In this case, it’s that the bodybuilding world and steroids are still totally making out with each other. And who’s a better poster boy for the admitted use of juice than my man Jose Canseco? Having just finished the book Steroid Nation, I learned a ton about the bodybuilding world and supplements and illegal drug trafficking. Fascinating stuff. More on that in the forthcoming review. (Deadspin)
  • ATO House suspended. Well that sucks. If you didn’t know, I was aa part of this house at one time, and I know how it works from within. Raw chicken is something we never did when I was there, and I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. It sounded like one of those things that people ask you about that’s so ridiculous you tell them it’s true. A friend of mine from the house told me he thinks it’s something that comes and goes with different generations. The house lost recognition sometime in the 80s for similar violations, and when a few guys whose families had been a part of the house before became members, it cleaned up. It could again, but fraternity life seems to be dying up there, and this could be the last straw for the house. The past membership of ATO is prominent in Nevada life and if any house stood a chance to get through this, it would be them. (RGJ)
  • Scott Boras is a ‘bad person?’ Who knew? Seriously, who knew? Although, I’m guessing Gary Sheffield didn’t think so when Boras was eating children at the negotiating table to scare a few more million over four years out of the Yankees for Gary while Gary was hopped up on Barry’s secret elixir. Nope, back then it was all good. (ESPN)

And just to be clear, please read the initial Reactionary Hurl so you can understand the context.

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