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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday March 18, 2009.

Reno River Festival logoTeam Reno: An elite team of kayakers trains and competes in the Reno River Festival.I’ve added an entirely new section of the site called Team Reno. I’ve been asked to participate in Team Reno, which is an elite team of skilled kayakers who train and compete together in the Reno River Festival. I might have embellished a bit when I said elite and skilled.

Beginning next week, I’ll be training a couple of times a week with Ruth Gordon, the defending national kayak champion and a couple of other teammates. Luckily, Ruth realizes she’s supposed to teach us.

Here’s the premise: four people were chosen—myself, Connie Wray from Bill and Connie in the morning on Alice@96.5, Neda Iranpour from KTVN, and an awesome little girl named Sage. Apparently the idea is to get publicity from the media people, have someone like Sage carry the team, and have me to laugh at. We’ll see how that goes. At the end of it all, we’ll compete in the open competition at the Reno River Festival

I’ll be blogging the heck out of this and providing as much of a look at the training that goes into real kayaking through pictures and video as I can. I even picked up a waterproof helmet cam complete with a microphone so you can hear my whining as I’m told what to do. It should be a blast. That’s a real inside look!

As for the site stuff, I’ve added the section Team Reno, which comes with its own RSS feed. All posts about it will go to the main RSS feed, but if you wanted Team Reno stuff exclusively, you can grab the specific feed. All my videos will be going on my YouTube account and all photos I have will go to Flickr. I also will put a feed of posts from the Official Team Reno Blog. I’ll be posting there and so will everyone else.

This should be a blast. Make sure you come down to the Reno River Festival May 8-10. Make a sign for me, too.

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